In particular, Nwoye, Okonkwo’s eldest kid, wants Ikemefuna instance a cousin

In particular, Nwoye, Okonkwo’s eldest kid, wants Ikemefuna instance a cousin

The bulk of new book happens in Umuofia, a group regarding 9 towns on the all the way down Niger. Umuofia are a powerful clan, skilled in the combat sufficient reason for a population, that have happy life style and you may complex public associations.

Okonkwo possess risen from the ground upwards so you’re able to a leading standing. Owing to time and energy, he’s become a kid certainly one of their some one. He’s removed around three spouses and his awesome barn is full of yams, this new staple harvest. The guy laws and regulations their friends that have an iron hand.

One day, a surrounding clan commits an offence up against Umuofia. To quit battle, new offensive clan provides Umuofia you to definitely virgin and another little boy. The woman is always to end up being the offended party’s the new wife. The new man, whose name’s Ikemefuna, is to be forfeited, but not instantly. The guy lives in Umuofia for a few years, and during those times the guy lives lower than Okonkwo’s roof. He will get including an integral part of Okonkwo’s members of the family. However, sooner or later the brand new Oracle needs the latest boy’s demise, and you may a team of men get Ikemefuna away to kill him from the tree. Okonkwo, scared of being perceived as smooth-hearted and poor, participates on the boy’s dying. He does very despite the guidance of your clan elders. Nwoye was spiritually broken of the experience.

She wants her increasingly

Okonkwo try shaken also, but he continues on along with his push being an effective lord off his clan. Ekwefi keeps produced 10 youngsters, but simply Ezinma possess survived. Ezinma was sickly, and sometimes Ekwefi worries you to Ezinma, also, usually perish. Late one night, the powerful Oracle from Umuofia brings Ezinma together having good spiritual stumble on for the earth-goddess. Terrified, Ekwefi uses this new Oracle at a distance, fearing damage you will arrived at the girl child. Okonkwo pursue, too.

Later on, through the a funeral for just one of your higher guys of clan, Okonkwo’s firearm explodes, eliminating a boy. Relative to Umuofia’s rules, Okonkwo and his awesome friends need to be exiled getting seven age.

Okonkwo carries the latest exile bitterly. Central so you’re able to his opinions is trust one to one advantages their own fate. Although collision and you can exile try facts one to some times kid don’t handle his very own fate, and you can Okonkwo are obligated to start once again without the power and energy away from their youthfulness. He flees with his friends so you’re able to Mbanto, his mom’s homeland. Around he’s received by his mom’s family unit members, just who cure her or him amply. His mother’s loved ones is actually headed by Uchendu, Okonkwo’s cousin, a large and you will smart old-man.

During Okonkwo’s exile, the fresh new light boy involves one another Umuofia and you may Mbanto. The latest missionaries come earliest, preaching a religion one looks mad to the Igbo some one. They profit converts, however, usually the turns are guys out-of lower rating or outcasts. Although not, after a while, the fresh faith increases momentum. Nwoye becomes a convert. When Okonkwo learns away from Nwoye’s conversion, the guy sounds the fresh child. Nwoye departs domestic.

Okonkwo productivity in order to Umuofia to find the clan unfortuitously altered. The latest chapel has actually obtained some converts, some of who is compulsive and you can disrespectful from clan personalized. Bad, the brand new light people’s authorities has arrived in order to Umuofia. New clan has stopped being absolve to court its very own; a district Administrator judges instances in the ignorance. He’s supported by armed stamina.

He’s constantly disappointed by Nwoye, but he has high love for their girl Ezinma, their man by his second wife Ekwefi

Throughout a religious gathering, a change unmasks among clan morale. The crime was grave, plus in impulse brand new clan determines that the church have a tendency to zero expanded feel enjoy during the Umuofia. It tear the structure down. Soon a while later, the latest District Administrator asks brand new leaders of clan, Okonkwo included in this, ahead see him getting a quiet meeting. The latest frontrunners appear, and they are quickly captured. In prison, he is ashamed and you can beaten, and so are held before clan pays huge fine.

Just after a release of the newest boys, the newest clan phone calls a conference to choose whether they have a tendency to struggle or you will need to alive peacefully toward whites. Okonkwo wishes battle. During the conference, judge messengers arrived at purchase the boys to break right up the event. The new clan meetings will be cardio out-of Umuofia’s government; all the behavior are achieved democratically, and an interference with this place mode the termination of brand new last vestiges off Umuofia’s liberty. Mad, Okonkwo eliminates the legal live messenger. Additional legal messengers refrain, and since others individuals of their clan didn’t seize him or her, Okonkwo knows that their people will maybe not prefer battle. Their act out of resistance may not be followed by anybody else. Embittered and you can grieving into the depletion regarding his man’s liberty, and you can dreading new embarrassment away from perishing lower than white laws, Okonkwo production domestic and you can hangs himself.

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